The Government’s action plan for green shipping

Norway will play a part in developing a sustainable shipping sector for the 21st century.

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Norway’s target is to be a low-emission society by 2050. It will be a challenging task to achieve this, but the process will also open up opportunities. In the maritime sector, there will be opportunities for green value creation both within and outside Norway’s borders. The Government will take steps to encourage the emergence of Norwegian winners during the green transition in the shipping sector.

This action plan presents the Government’s policy for cutting domestic greenhouse gas emissions, strengthening the Norwegian maritime industry and playing a part in the global technological developments needed for the world to achieve the targets of the Paris Agreement. Measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions often result in cuts in emissions of other pollutants as well, for example sulphur (SOx) and nitrogen (NOx) emissions.

The Government’s action plan for green shipping
The Government’s action plan for green shipping Credit: AdobeStock

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