We all need a safe place to call home - National strategy for sosial housing policies (2021-2024)

The national strategy for the social housing policy (2021-2024) comprise and target the efforts that central and local authorities carry out to help those that are disadvantaged in the housing market. Most people in Norway have good living conditions. Ownership of homes is a strong priority in the Norwegian society, and as many as eight out of ten own the home they live in. At the same time, approximately 179 000 individuals are disadvantaged in the housing market - about 78 000 of those are children and young people under the age of 20. The strategy builds on experiences, activities and cooperation etstablished under Housing for welfare - National strategy for housing and support services  (2014-2020). More people shall be able to own their own home - and renting shall be a safe alternative. The strategy outlines the following priorities: No one shall be homeless. - Children and young people shall have good living conditions. - People with disabilities shall, like everybody else, have the opportunity to choose where and how they want to live.

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We all need a safe place to call home - National strategy for social housing policies (pfd)