Former State Secretary Lisbet Rugtvedt (Socialist Left Party)

Born: 1967

Lisbet Rugtvedt was State Secretary for Minister of Education until 9 desember 2011 - responsible for kinder gartens, compulsory- and lower secondary education and upper secondary education. Also responsible for adult education.

Studies at University of Oslo (Intellectual history)

Employment and political appointments:
Head of the youth branch of Socialist Left Party 1990-92. 

Member of the National executive Committee of the Socialist Left Party 1999-98.

Secretary for culture and urban planning at the Oslo Municipal Executive Board 1994-95.

Alternate member of the Norwegian parliament 1997 – 2001.

Member of parliament/Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs 2000 – 2001.

Political adviser on foreign affairs and defence, Norwegian parliament/Socialist Left Party  2001 - 2005.