Former State Secretary Pål K. Lønseth (Labour Party)

(23.10.2009 - 16.10.2013)

Born: 1970

2007               International Criminal Law, University of Oslo
2006               International Investigator Course, Institute for International 
                      Criminal Investigations, The Hague
1998-1999       Course in investigation of  economic crime, Norwegian Police 
                      University College
1996               Law degree, University of Bergen
1990–1991      Officers’ training course in the Norwegian armed forces

Work experience:
2006–             Senior Public Prosecutor, National Authority for Prosecution of
                      Organised and Other Serious Crime
2005–2006      Legal Adviser, Afghanistan, UN project for fast-track capacity building
                      to develop an effective counter-narcotics criminal justice system
2001–2005      Senior Public Prosecutor, Oslo Public Prosecutors
2000–2001      Deputy Judge, Asker and Bærum District Court
1997–2000      Police intendant I, Kongsvinger police district
1997               Police intendant II, Romsdal police district
1995–1997      Prison Officer, temporary position, Bergen State Prison

Political posts:
2007–2008      Member of Grefsen Labour Party Committee

2001–2004      Member of Oslo Labour Party Committee of Representatives

2001–2004      Leader of Grünerløkka Labour Party

1999–2001      Member of Grünerløkka  Labour Party Committee

1996–1997      Member of Hordaland  Labour Party Committee of Representatives

1995–1997      Leader of Bergen Labour Youth League at the University

1995–1996      Member of the Hordaland County Labour Youth League Committee

Other posts:
2007–2008      Member and chair of the working environment committee for the 
                      public prosecution authority                       
2007–2008      Head of the association for public prosecutors under the Norwegian
                      Association of Lawyers
2006–2007      Board Member of the association for public prosecutors under the
                      Norwegian Association of Lawyers

Other experience:
2004–2009      Participant in the Human Rights Dialogue with China under the
                      auspices of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

2007–2008      Chair of Nordic working group to consider closer cooperation on
                      justice and home affairs

2007               Member of the Norwegian Police Directorate’s working group
                      to draft a strategy for combating criminal gangs

1999               External lecturer in administrative law, in Sør-Hedmark