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Durban: Ethiopia unveils ambitious plans for green growth, Britain and Norway pledge support

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Publisher Ministry of the Environment

Ethiopia today unveiled ambitious plans to develop a green economy and protect citizens from the impact of future climate change.

Ethiopia today unveiled ambitious plans to develop a green economy and protect citizens from the impact of future climate change.

At the international launch of the country’s ‘Climate Resilient Green Economy’ (CRGE), at the COP 17 climate negotiations in Durban, the governments of Ethiopia, Britain and Norway also launched a strategic partnership on climate change, to collaborate on international climate policy and provide support for Ethiopia’s CRGE.

While climate change represents significant threats to the people of Ethiopia – with rainfall predicted to become increasingly erratic, leading to more frequent periods of prolonged drought – the Government of Ethiopia’s new strategy identifies new opportunities to combine green growth with poverty reduction.

Ethiopia intends to invest $150 billion in creating a zero-carbon growth economy over the next two decades, drawing on finance from the International Climate Funds, as well as carbon trading markets. 

Plans include protecting and re-establishing forests, harnessing Ethiopia’s significant renewable energy potential, changing farming methods and using new technologies in the transport and industrial sectors.

Prime Minister Meles Zenawi of Ethiopia said:

“Climate change is not some future threat for the people of Ethiopia. It is a current and lived reality. So while our people did not cause climate change, we must protect ourselves against its impact. We also have the opportunity to demonstrate that in the 21st Century, a new form of green growth is possible, where we can avoid the mistakes of the developed world and at the same time create the pathway to greater prosperity for millions of Ethiopians.” 

British Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change Chris Huhne said:

“Ethiopia is one of the areas in the world that will suffer first from the effects of global warming so it is rightly showing leadership in tackling climate change. In addition to being a key partner in Ethiopia’s Climate Resilient Green Economy process, the UK government has supported the Ethiopian delegation at the climate negotiations and has funded the Ethiopian Civil Society Network on Climate Change. The UK continues to push for a global deal on climate change to limit world temperature rises and protect countries like Ethiopia from its adverse effects.”

Norwegian Minister of Environment and International Development Co-operation Erik Solheim said:

Ethiopia is now taking the lead internationally, both in terms of the negotiation efforts and action on the ground. It is now committing to a strategy to limit greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to climate change, in combination with sustainable, robust economic growth. Norway is proud to announce our strong commitment to be a significant and long term partner for Ethiopia in its groundbreaking efforts. We encourage other countries to follow its lead in embracing green economic growth as the main road to a sustainable future.”