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Entry restrictions eased for romantic partners and family members

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Published under: Solberg's Government

Publisher: Ministry of Justice and Public Security

Romantic partners and family members from countries outside the EU/EEA will be allowed to enter Norway from 12 September.

‘Many people have waited a long time for a visit from their loved ones. The entry restrictions are strict and very intrusive for the people affected. The time has now come to allow safe entry for more romantic partners, children, parents, and grandparents. We can ease a few more measures as long as the regular strict rules regarding testing and quarantine are followed. This is contingent on the regular testing and quarantine rules being followed. Several people will therefore have to spend their first few days at a quarantine hotel’, says Minister of Justice and Public Security Monica Mæland.    

Measures will be eased for people from countries outside the EU/EEA who have one of the following relationships with a person residing in Norway:

  • Adult child or step-child and parent or step-parent of an adult child/step-child (measures have already been eased for minor children/step-children and their grandparents/step-grandparents).
  • Grandparent or step-grandparent, grandchild or step-grandchild.
  • Romantic partner over the age of 18 or the romantic partner’s minor child.

Romantic partners must file an application through the application programme of the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (link: Application to visit a romantic partner – UDI). As usual, the general conditions regarding the right to enter and stay in Norway in the Immigration Act must be met. For example, foreign nationals who are subject to a duty to hold a visa must be granted such a visa before they can travel here.