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Indonesia to kick-start extensive peat land mapping

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Publisher Ministry of Climate and Environment

Indonesia and Norway partners with the World Resources Institute Indonesia to map priority peatland areas in order to support peatland restoration. WRI will help increase transparency in the management of Indonesia's forests and peatlands.

- I am encouraged by Indonesia's recent pledges to stop the draining and conversion of peatlands. This collaboration with WRI will be important to support Indonesia in its efforts to reduce emissions from deforestation and degradation of peatlands in Indonesia, says Norway's Minister of Climate and Environment, Vidar Helgesen.

Norway and WRI Indonesia formalized the collaboration through the recent signing of an agreement that will support the Indonesian government's efforts to increase transparency and transform the way Indonesia governs its land-use sector.

- The Jokowi administration's new and strong measures for forest governance through expanding forest and peatland moratorium, concessions reviews and a revival of the one map initiative represents a new pathway for growth. Through this collaboration, Norway will support the implementation of these", said Head of Indonesia's Peat Restoration Agency, Nazir Foead.

Norway's support to WRI Indonesia will be 227 million NOK over a period of five years. According to the agreement, WRI Indonesia will do the following: 

First, to assist Indonesia's Peatland Restoration Agency in improving the management of peatlands. This is important to prevent future fires. Indonesia's Peatland Restoration Agency has a mandate to restore 2 million hectares of peatlands by 2020. WRI will assist the agency in mapping peatlands.

Second, to assist the Indonesian government in implementing its "one map policy". WRI Indonesia will support Indonesia's Geospatial Agency to engage with key stakeholders. The objective is to identify and discuss conflicts over land-use, in order to agree on a consolidated map of land-use in three provinces.

Third, increase transparency in the forestry sector, WRI Indonesia will support the further strengthening of Indonesia's forest monitoring system. 

- Norway's support enables WRI Indonesia to support the strong push from the Indonesian government to champion accountability and equity in Indonesia's land use sector, said Tjokorda Nirarta Samadhi, head of World Resources Institute Indonesia.

Minister Helgesen met with Foead and Samadhi during the Oslo REDD Exchange Conference earlier this June.