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Voluntary sector retains state support

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Published under: Solberg's Government

Publisher: Ministry of Culture

‘I am pleased, as the Minister of Culture and Equality, to assure voluntary organisations on behalf of the Government that they will keep state grants which they have already received or for which an administrative decision has been taken that they are to receive. This concerns activities that cannot be carried out due to rules issued by the health authorities,’ said Minister of Culture and Gender Equality Abid Q. Raja (Liberal Party).

The decision that organisations are to retain such central government grants applies to grants provided by all ministries. Individual ministries will ensure that the decision is implemented within all the directorates and underlying bodies that administer grants to voluntary organisations.

‘The voluntary sector is crucial in Norway and embraces all areas of society. In large organisations and small local groups and associations around the country, activities and events are having to be cancelled to comply with guidelines and regulations issued by the authorities. This creates uncertainty about operations going forward. This or that tournament or local flea market that has to be cancelled could be the basis of your activity. Creating certainty around government grant schemes will help to ensure predictability in such a situation,’ Mr Raja said.

‘The Government has already announced a package of measures to mitigate the situation for a variety of actors. More will be coming. We are also looking at other ways to put in place reasonable solutions for the challenges our sectors face,’ the Minister of Culture and Equality said.