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Measures for Winter Fishing in Northern Norway

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Published under: Solberg's Government

Publisher: Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries

The Government has established several measures to ensure that next year’s winter fishing will be carried out in a safe and orderly fashion.

The seafood industry is expecting a huge influx of foreign workers for next year’s winter fishing.

“It’s paramount to follow the infection prevention rules. At the same time, the Government is introducing several measures that will help ensure that winter fishing is carried out in a safe and orderly fashion,” says Odd Emil Ingebrigtsen, Minister of Fisheries and Seafood. 

To reduce the risk of infection during seasonal fishing in Lofoten, a plan of action is now being established to follow up several issues. This plan includes measures in multiple government sectors, among others, justice, health, industry and fisheries. National, regional and local measures will also be implemented.

Several meetings have been held between the ministries, the County Governor of Nordland, Nordland Chief of Police, the Norwegian Directorate of Health, Norwegian Institute of Public Health, the National Police Directorate and the Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection.

Travel registration
The Government has decided to introduce a travel registration system. This system will require persons wishing to enter Norway to register data, such as their name, contact details, quarantine location and their employer, if applicable.

“This will help to ensure that winter fishing can be carried out in a safe and orderly fashion allowing us to protect people from infection while helping the industrial actors who rely on foreign seasonal workers. It’s important for the industry to work with local and regional authorities and ensure that those working in the industry have signed contracts,” says Ingebrigtsen. 

The aim is to have the travel registration system up and running from January 2021.

Stricter border control

To help prevent the importation of infection, the police will in the foreseeable future operate with stricter border control in Nordland. Those who are entering Norway to work, will be allowed to do so, but the police will want to check that they satisfy the entry requirements and have made plans for how they will complete the quarantine period.

Quarantine hotel – exemption
It is now possible for those who rent a dwelling in Norway, but do not live there, to complete their quarantine period in the dwelling upon entry into Norway. Exemption from staying in a quarantine hotel was previously only possible if the person owned their own dwelling. Those who do not rent or own a dwelling in Norway can complete the quarantine period in a ‘suitable place’ if it can be documented that the quarantine rules are being followed.

“This means that if a seasonal worker can document that they have a tenancy agreement in Norway, they can stay there. Among others, this implies that they do not have to stay in a quarantine hotel if they have access to their own room and kitchen during the quarantine period,” says Ingebrigtsen.