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First meeting of the new High-level Panel for a Sustainable Ocean Economy

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Publisher: The Office of the Prime Minister

On Monday 24 September, the new High-level Panel for a Sustainable Ocean Economy is holding its first meeting. The panel consists of serving heads of state and government who are joining forces to work towards sustainable use of the oceans.

Norway’s Prime Minister Erna Solberg launched her plans for the panel in January this year.

Prime Minister Erna Solberg fishing outside Mehamn.
Prime Minister Erna Solberg fishing outside Mehamn. Credit: Eirin Larsen/Office of the Prime Minister

‘The oceans have huge potential when it comes to meeting the world’s need for resources and creating jobs and economic and social development. We will not be able to realise this potential without sustainable growth in ocean-based industries,’ said Ms Solberg in January.

The panel will be co-chaired by President of the Republic of Palau Thomas Esang Remengesau and Prime Minister Erna Solberg and includes leaders from coastal states across the world: Australia, Chile, Fiji, Ghana, Indonesia, Jamaica, Japan, Mexico, Namibia, Norway, Palau and Portugal.

‘Sustainable use of the oceans will be of vital importance for jobs and the business sector in Norway in future’, said Ms Solberg.

Over the next 18 months, the panel will consider evidence-based proposals for dealing with the global ocean crisis, including proposals on sustainable fisheries, ocean-based energy solutions, tourism, new approaches to marine protected areas, and the ocean economy.

The first meeting will take place at UN headquarters in New York at 14:30 hours.

The panel will also work towards UN Sustainable Development Goal 14 on Life below Water, and is to present a report on its work at the UN Ocean Conference in 2020.