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New Research strategy for the Foreign Service and Norad

Historical archive

Published under: Solberg's Government

Publisher: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Norwegian foreign, security and development policy must be knowledge-based, and ongoing capability to adjust policy in response to significant global change is vital. Norway's values are permanent, but political choices and actions must match the very real challenges that arise.

The Foreign Service and Norad should therefore promote the production of strong research-based knowledge in their areas of responsibility. This is also consistent with their sectoral responsibility for research and development pursuant to Norwegian research policy.

The purpose of the strategy is to clarify and focus the research activities of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, diplomatic and consular missions and Norad. Cooperation between Norwegian and foreign researchers is key. The strategy must guide budget prioritisations and allocations.

The strategy gives priority to R&D efforts in four overarching areas:

  1. Security policy, the Arctic and Russia
  2. Asia
  3. Europe
  4. Development and aid

These priorities have been chosen because they represent distinct geographical and thematic areas in which major changes are occurring that are of significance to Norwegian interests and global capacity to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and in which Norway expects to have the greatest need for new research-based insights in future.