Minister of Agriculture and Food Sylvi Listhaug (Progress Party)

Landbruks- og matminister Sylvi Listhaug

Born: 1977

The Minister of Agriculture and Food is responsible for implementing the Government's policy concerning agriculture and food.

Work experience:
2012 –2013 Senior consultant with First House
2010 – 2012 Council member for Health and care for the elderly
2006 – 2010 Council member for welfare and social services
2005 – 2005 Intern, House of Representatives, Washington DC
2004 – 2005 Council secretary for welfare and social services
2001 – 2004 Political advisor for Church, Education and Research Fraction, 
Progress Party's parliamentary group
2000 – 2001 Teacher, Sjøholt school, Ørskog municipality
1995 – 2000 Care assistant at Ørskog home for the elderly, Ørskog municipality
1996 – 2000 Teacher's education at Volda University College 
1994 – 1996 Secondary school graduate, Spjelkavik upper secondary school
Positions of trust: 
Has held a number of positions of trust in the Progress Party youth organization and the Progress Party since 1998. Including:  
2002 – 2006 Member of Progress Party youth organization central board 
2005 – Member of Progress Party central board
1st deputy to the Storting from Oslo in the 2009-2013 period