Former Minister of EEA and EU Affairs Elisabeth Vik Aspaker (Conservative Party)

Born: 1962

Mrs Aspaker is responsible for coordinating work on EEA matters and Norway’s relations with the EU at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Aspaker is also Minister of Nordic Cooperation.

Member of the Storting (Norwegian parliament)

2013-2017: Representative No. 2 for Troms County, Conservative Party (Høyre)
2009-2013: Representative No. 4 for Troms County, Conservative Party (Høyre)
2005-2009: Representative No. 7 for Troms County, Conservative Party (Høyre)  

Membership of parliamentary committees

2009-2013: Standing Committee on Education, Research and Church Affairs
2005-2009: Standing Committee on Justice

Government positions

From 16.12.2015: Minister of EEA and EU Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
01.01.2014-16.12.2015: Minister of Fisheries, Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries
16.10.2013-30.12.2013: Minister, Ministry of Fisheries and Coastal Affairs
18.06.2004-30.09.2005: State Secretary, Ministry of Health and Care Services
30.10.2001-18.06.2004: Political Adviser, Ministry of Education and Research
20.10.1989-03.11.1990: Personal Secretary, Ministry of Justice and the Police 

Education and Professional Experience
Academic qualifications

2001–2004: Management and Organisation, Harstad University College
1984–1985: Media Studies and Mathematics, Volda University College/Tromsø College of Education
1981–1984: Tromsø College of Education (General Teacher Training)

Career history

Appointed County Governor of Troms (on 6 December 2014) with effect from a date to be decided by the Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation 
1990-2001: Teacher, Seljestad Lower Secondary School, Harstad, (on leave from 1995-1999)
1987-1989: Secretary of Development Cooperation, Educational Association of the Conservative Party
1985-1986: Teacher, Skånland Central School, Evenskjer

Offices held
Local government

1999- (on leave from 2001): Member of Harstad Municipal Executive Board
1991-1995: Member of Harstad Municipal Council

County government

1995-1999: Deputy Mayor of Troms County Council
1991-1995: Member of Troms County Council and Executive Board

Public appointments

2008-2010: Member of the Board of the restructuring project in Innovation Ytre Lyngen
1999-2002: Chair of the Council on Crime Prevention, (1993-1999: Deputy Chair)
1999-2000: Deputy Chair of the Defence Policy Committee
1997-1999: Member of the Board of the investment company Nordnorsk Vekst A/S
1996-1999: Member of the monitoring committee of the interregional programme for the North Calotte Region
1996-2001: Member of the Board of the North Norwegian Institute of Technology and Innovation (VINN)
1995-1999: Deputy Chair of the Regional Committee for Northern Norway and Nord-Trøndelag
1995-1999: Chair of the Troms Industrial Committee
1995-1999: Chair of the Board of Harstad Hospital, (1991-1995: Deputy Chair)
1994-1995: Member of the committee to review the gender equality apparatus
1989-1997: Member of the National Council for the Norwegian Home Guard

Political appointments

2001-2005: Member of the Conservative Party's Programme Committee
1995: Chair of the Crime Policy Committee of the Conservative Party of Norway
1994-1998: Chair of the Municipal Committee of the Conservative Party (1998–2001: member)
1994-1998: Deputy Chair of the Central Committee of the Conservative Party of Norway, (1986–1991: member)
1990-1991: Member of the Working Committee of the Conservative Party
1986-1990: Deputy Leader of the Young Conservatives
1984-1986: Member of the Central Committee of the Young Conservatives
1983-1984: Member of the Board of Troms Conservative Party
1983-1984: Leader of Troms Young Conservatives, (honorary member in 1997)
1980-1981: Leader of Harstad Young Conservatives  

Appointments in organisations

1996-2001: Member of the Executive Board of the Norwegian Association of Local Authorities (KS)
1996-1997, 1999–2000: Member of the Board of Troms County Sports Association
1996-1999: Second Vice President of the Norwegian Olympic Committee and Confederation of Sports
1987-1989: Member of the Committee for Norwegian Young People's Associations

Other administrative offices held

2008-2010: Member of the Board of the suspension bridge company Hålogalandsbrua AS
2008-2009: Deputy chair of the Corporate Assembly of Hurtigruten ASA (2006-2008 member)
2003-2006: Chair of the Corporate Assembly of the shipping company TFDS ASA, (2001-2003: member). (TFDS merged with another company in 2007 to form the Norwegian Coastal Steamer Company Hurtigruten ASA)
2000-2010: Chair of the Board of the cultural centre Harstad Kulturhus AS
1995-1999: Member of the Supervisory Board of the bank Harstad Sparebank