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  • Norway concerned after attack in Yemen

    21/01/2020 News story Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    'I am deeply concerned after the attack on a military camp in Yemen, resulting in more than 100 casualties. The attack undermines de-escalation and peace-efforts of the Special Envoy for Yemen Martin Griffiths’, which Norway supports. Only an

  • Protection against harmful content

    20/01/2020 Article Ministry of Culture

    The technological developments within the audiovisual sector has led to a strong increase with reference to the availability of audiovisual content. As audiovisual content takes up more and more time of children and young people’s life the risk of

  • Kurs i ansvarlig næringsliv høst 2020

    20.01.2020 Separate website Ansvarlig Næringsliv

    Hvordan skjer det? Hvem rammes? Hva kan gjøres for å hindre at det skjer? Det kan du lære mer om på Kontaktpunktets ettertraktede kurs i ansvarlig næringsliv og aktsomhetsvurderinger til høsten. Du kan allerede nå melde din interesse. Send en

  • Calls for proposals

    20/01/2020 Article Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    The Ministry's announcements of grants and calls for proposals.

  • Legalisation

    20/01/2020 Guidelines/brochures Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    Norwegian documents that are to be submitted to authorities abroad can be legalised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. NB! Foreign documents must be legalised in the country they are issued.

  • Two Norwegian children and their mother have received assistance to return to Norway from Syria

    18/01/2020 News story Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Children and Families, Ministry of Justice and Public Security

    One child who is thought to be seriously ill, the child’s mother and one sibling landed in Norway last night. Staff from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs accompanied the family on their journey to Norway, with assistance from the Norwegian police.

  • Guidelines for Whistleblowing and Handling Issues of Concern in the Foreign Service

    17/01/2020 Article Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    Here you will find the guidelines for whistleblowing in the Foreign Service and how you should handle different issues of concern.

  • How will Brexit affect British citizens living in Norway?

    17/01/2020 Article Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Justice and Public Security, Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs

    The UK’s decision to leave the European Union is creating uncertainty for British citizens and their family members living in Norway.

  • Utvikling av en ansvarlig tekstil- og skobransje

    17.01.2020 Separate website Ansvarlig Næringsliv

    Hovedtema: aktsomhetsvurderinger i skiftende omgivelser Aktsomhetsvurderinger og internasjonal handel ‘Smart mix’ og gråsonene mellom frivillige initiativ og bindende lovreguleringer ved gjennomføring av aktsomhetsvurderinger Sirkulærøkonomi og

  • Nordisk læringsprosjekt gir inspirasjon til arbeidet med innovasjonsmeldingen.

    17.01.2020 Separate website Innovasjon i offentlig sektor

    NIFU og Rambøll Management Consulting har, på oppdrag fra Kommunal- og moderniseringsdepartementet, Difi og KS, bistått i et nordisk læringsprosjekt om veivalg og strategier for innovasjon i offentlig sektor på tvers av de nordiske landene. For

  • Diplomatic relations

    15/01/2020 Article Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    The Oslo Diplomatic List Diplomat in Norway. The purpose of this booklet is to provide information to diplomats and their families on how the various privileges and immunities under the Vienna Conventions are implemented in

  • Court proceedings concerning parental disputes

    15/01/2020 Article Ministry of Children and Families

    Out of regard for the child, it is important that the parents pay attention to the child’s needs, and cooperate well on their role as parents. Research shows that a prolonged high level of conflict in the home may be harmful for children.

  • Prime Minister Solberg congratulates al-Sabah on appointment as Prime Minister

    15/01/2020 Letter Office of the Prime Minister

    Letter from Prime Minister Erna Solberg to Prime Minister Sabah al-Khalid al-Sabah in Kuwait.

  • Prime Minister Solberg congratulates Sánchez on reappointment

    15/01/2020 Letter Office of the Prime Minister

    Letter from Prime Minister Erna Solberg to Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez of Spain, after the election on the 10th of November 2019.

  • Launch of strategy to end  harmful practices

    14/01/2020 Speech/statement Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    The Minister of International Development Dag-Inge Ulstein's statement  at the launch of the strategy to end harmful practices - at an event in Geneva in cooperation with UNWomen, UNFPA and Unicef.

    By Minister of International Development Dag-Inge Ulstein Geneva, 14 January

  • Speech at Euronext Annual Conference

    14/01/2020 Speech/statement Ministry of Finance

    - We believe well-managed financial markets and an innovative and adaptable financial sector is key to enhance prosperity and growth. There is where we trust you to play an important role.

    By Minister of Finance Siv Jensen Euronext Annual Conference 14 January 2020, Paris

  • APA 2019: New High Award Secures Further Exploration of the Norwegian Continental Shelf

    14/01/2020 Press release Ministry of Petroleum and Energy

    The Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy offers 69 production licenses on the Norwegian continental shelf in the Award in Pre-Defined Areas 2019 (APA 2019).

  • The National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence

    14/01/2020 Plans/strategy Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation

  • Adoption

    14/01/2020 Article Ministry of Children and Families

    An adoption order may only be issued when it can be assumed that adoption is in the best interests of the child. The fundamental condition of the child's best interests applies to all forms of adoption.

  • Management and control of the EEA and Norway Grants

    10/01/2020 Article Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    A number of control measures have been established to ensure that the EEA and Norway Grants are not being misused. The control systems prevent corruption and ensures that we achieve the agreed results.

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