Financial assistance

As a general rule, you must cover your own legal expenses. However, you may apply for support under the free legal aid scheme.

How much financial assistance you are entitled to will depend, among other things, on your financial situation. It is also important whether the application concerns assistance from a Norwegian or foreign lawyer, and whether the child has been abducted to or from Norway.


Has your child been abducted from Norway to another country – see further information below

Has your child been abducted from another country to Norway – see further information below


Who deals with the application?
The County Governor of Oslo and Akershus processes applications for free legal aid in child abduction cases in Norway. Appeals against decisions to refuse free legal aid are made by the Norwegian Civil Affairs Authority.

County Governor of Oslo and Viken
P.O.Box 325
1502 Moss
Tel: + 47 22 00 35 90

Contact persons:

The Norwegian Civil Affairs Authority
P. O. Box 8027 Dep., 0030 Oslo
Tel.: +47 22 99 13 25
Fax: +47 22 99 13 26

These will also be able to provide more detailed information about free legal aid.