Ministry of Trade (of 1916) NS (1940–1943)

After Nazi Germany’s attack on Norway on 9 April 1940, which forced King Haakon VII and Johan Nygaardsvold’s Government to leave Oslo with civil servants from the ministries, government offices in Oslo were placed under Nazi-German occupation authorities (marked NS). From 11 June 1940, Nygaardsvold’s Government established a Norwegian structure of ministries in London.

In Oslo, the illegal government appointed on 9 April 1940 by Vidkun Quisling, leader of the Norwegian Nazi party Nasjonal Samling (NS), attempted to take control of the ministries until it was dissolved by Nazi-German occupation authorities on 14 April 1940. Until 25 September 1940, ministries in Oslo were to a certain degree controlled by the Administrative Council, appointed by the Supreme Court with the understanding of the occupation authorities. From 25 September 1940, the ministries in Oslo were under the control of the occupation authorities, from 1 February 1942 formally via Vidkun Quisling’s illegal government of that date.

Occupation authorities in Oslo on 1 April 1943 merged the Ministry of Trade (of 1916) NS with the Ministry of Provisioning (of 1939) NS. The Ministry of Trade (of 1916) NS now had its name changed to the Ministry of Industry NS, listed here as the Ministry of Industry (of 1943) NS.

On 8 May 1945, the ministry structure in Oslo was re-established as it was on 9 April 1940.