The High North

The world is turning its attention towards the North where Norway has key interests to pursue. By investing in knowledge, business development and international cooperation we are strengthening Norway’s position as a responsible actor and partner in the North.

Illustrasjon fra rapporten Nordkloden - nordområdene 2014

Norway’s Arctic Policy for 2014 and beyond - summary

The world is turning its attention towards the Arctic now more than at any time in the past. The Arctic is a region of significant and increasing geopolitical importance.

Illustrasjon i rapporten Nordkloden

High North efforts to be intensified in 2015

The High North is Norway’s most important foreign policy area. The Government intends to pursue an ambitious High North policy, giving priority to knowledge-based business development, innovation and entrepreneurial activity.

The Arctic: From opportunities to jobs

The Government has proposed a total allocation of nearly NOK 3 billion for High North activities in 2015, an increase of well over NOK 0.5 billion from 2014.


Statement at High North Dialogue

'It is of global importance that the Arctic also remains a region of peaceful cooperation, respect for international law and sustainable management of resources', said State Secretary Bård Glad Pedersen in his statement at the conference High North Dialogue in the city of Bodø.

Global implications of Arctic climate change

'We have to commit to effective action to control climate change. The place where we can make decisive strides to that effect is Paris, at the UN Climate Conference in December', said Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Børge Brende in his statement at the conference in Paris.

Arctic Frontiers 2015

'The overall goal for Norway’s Arctic policy is to ensure that the Arctic remains an area of peace, stability and international cooperation, said Minister of Foreign Affairs Børge Brende at Arctic Frontiers.

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