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Syria: Norway will promote a political solution

The situation in Syria clearly illustrates the way in which war and conflict can set a country’s development back several decades in a short space of time. Norway has consistently supported peacebuilding measures in the country, as well as the UN’s work to bring an end to the Syrian conflict.

The Syrian conflict is currently deadlocked. There is a lack of trust between the parties, and disagreement between regional and global actors on the way to move forward. At the same time, the recent establishment of a national constitutional committee, as part of the UN peace process, suggests that there is now an opportunity for making political, rather than military, progress.

Norway supports the UN Special Envoy for Syria and the UN’s continued efforts to find a political solution to the Syrian conflict, for example by funding efforts to promote capacity-building and the inclusion of women and civil society. Through a range of measures, Norway has also made it easier to discuss long-term political solutions to the conflict. Norway supports dialogues at the local level aimed at reducing violence. Norway also supports dialogues on political developments in Syria, across political and religious divisions. It is vital that any political solution is inclusive and has the support of the Syrian population.

Norway is the fifth largest humanitarian donor to Syria and its neighbouring countries. By the end of 2019, Norway will have fulfilled its pledge from the London conference in 2016 to provide NOK 10 billion over a four-year period. The Government will continue Norway’s humanitarian efforts, and will continue to support the work to find a political solution to the conflict.

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