Nordic Council of Ministers Conference on Labour Market Inclusion of Refugees

In this conference on 13th June, hosted by the 2017 Norwegian Chairmanship of the Nordic Council of Ministers, the focus of plenary sessions and workshops will be on key strategic elements for a successful labour market and social integration, related to both policy making and service provision. The conference is free of charge.

Date: 13th June 2017 10.00–16.00 (refreshments and mingling from 16.00–18.00) 

Venue: Scandic Hotell Fornebu, Oslo. (Click here for travel and venue information

Registration: The conference is fully booked, but you can register on a waiting list – click here to register. Please note that the organisers will prioritize participation from other countries than Norway. 


Bildecollage av foredragsholderne på konferansen om integrering av flyktninger i arbeidslivet


(Simultaneous translation into English will be provided for all plenary sessions and workshop no. 4)

10.00–11.00 Registration

Plenary session

11.00–11.05 Short introduction by the moderator, Mr. Jan-Paul Brekke, ISF (Institute for Social Research), Oslo

11.05–11.15 Welcome address by Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Ms. Anniken Hauglie: «Challenges for the Nordic countries – the added value of exchange of practices.»

11.15–11.35 «Migration to Europe. Outlook from Sweden.»  Secretary of State Mr. Anders Kessling, State Secretary from the Ministry for Employment and Integration

11.35–12.00 «Integration policy in the Nordic Countries.» Senior migration specialist, Mr. Thomas Liebig, International Migrant Division, OECD

12.00–12.15 Short break

12.15–12.35 «Consequences and effects of large refugee influx – policy recommendations», Professor, Ms. Grete Brochmann, ISS (Department of Sociology and Human Geography), Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Oslo

12.35–13.00 «Effective measures for labour market integration of refugees», Carsten Koch, Chairperson for the 2013 Danish Committee for active labour market policy  (Beskæftigelsesrådet - BER) and former Minister for Tax Collection and Health                      

13.00–13.15 Questions and answers

13.15–14.00 Lunch buffet

Parallell session – workshops


  1. Enhance employability og fast-track into the labour market
  2. Dual approaches: Employment og welfare
  3. Introduction programmes for refugees
  4. Networking with civil society and social actors through social entrepreneurship (Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany)

15.05–15.20 Short break                   

Closing session

15.20–15.50 Reflections on meeting with refugees in the TV series «Migration» by Mr. Leo Ajkic          

15.50–16.00 Closing address by Mr. Dagfinn Høybråten, Secretary General, Nordic Council of Ministers

16.00–18.00 Refreshments and mingling

Venue and travel information

Click here for venue and travel information

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