The Government Building Complex

Regjeringskvartalet, the government building complex, is located in central Oslo. The terror attack of 22 July 2011 killed eight people, injured more than 200 people, and caused considerable damage to several buildings. The offices of more than 1800 employees became unusable. New premises outside the government building complex had to be found for the Prime Minister's office, six ministries and parts of the ministerial service centre.

Johan Nygaardsvolls plass

Rebuilding the government building complex

Work is now under way on the rebuilding of the government building complex after the bombing on 22 July 2011. The Solberg Government considered the conceptual solution of the new government building complex in May 2014. The complex will include the Office of the Prime Minister and all ministries with the exception of the Ministry of Defence.

Gammelt sort/hvitt-bilde av G-blokken i regjeringskvartalet

Art, architecture and buildings in the Government Building Complex

The oldest building in the Government building complex is Møllergata 19, dating from 1866. Block G, which now houses the Ministry of Finance, was built in 1906. The high-rise block was completed in 1958. Building development has continued until 2012, when the latest government building, R6, was occupied.

The Y Block

Why demolish the Y-Block?

The decision that the Y-Block must be demolished was not easy to reach. Many considerations have been carefully assessed.

What's new

White paper on the new government building complex

“Opinions are divided on the new government building complex. There are feelings and views related to the physical reminders of the terrorist attack on 22 July 2011, the history of the area, and how the new government building complex will work in the city. We have therefore chosen to present an update on the work so far. Now the Storting will have the opportunity to voice its opinion on the project,” says Minister of Local Government and Modernisation Monica Mæland.



The Department of Government Services

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