Documentary: Birds of a Feather - Stories from a conflict zone

EEA and Norway Grants

On the south-eastern edge of Europe, two communities remain divided on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus, playing host to one of the longest UN peacekeeping missions.

This documentary looks at the contrasting personal memories formed on a post-conflict space after decades of physical separation. The narratives of each community’s official histories have left little room for dialogue or mutual understanding.

As stories unravel across the island’s coffee shops, homes, open landscapes and UN-controlled buffer zone, the film raises questions that resonate with every frozen conflict in the notions of truth, history and victimhood while examining the need for dialogue.

The documentary is made by Stefanos Evripidou and Stephen Nugent on assignment of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and financed through the Norway Grants.

Subtitles are available in English, Greek and Turkish.

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