Offshore Wind Roundtable Discussion and official opening of DNB's New York-office

Minister,                                                               *Checked against delivery

Ladies and gentlemen,

Dear everyone,

It's a great pleasure to address you at this event.

I want to offer my gratitude to DNB for inviting me, and for organising this discussion on all the great opportunities the growing offshore wind industry represents.

I am very honored that my first trip overseas as Minister of Trade and Industry of Norway is to the United States, and New York.

Even though an entire ocean divides us, the relationship between Norway and the United States is a very close one.  

To me it is close both professionally and personally.

My grandfather was American.

Unfortunately I never got to meet him, as he died when I was very young, but I have always been proud of my American heritage.


Americans and Norwegians share much common ground.

A drive for innovation and technological development.

A determination to be frontrunners in our fields of expertise.

And a strong will to do the hard work required.

By joining forces across the Atlantic we have accomplished great things.

Now we are facing great challenges.

The pandemic is still ongoing, and the climate crisis is just as urgent as before the virus outbreak hit us.

The green transition has started, but we have to speed it up.

There is no time to spare.      

Our common goal is clear; to build a sustainable economy for the future.

Demand for low- and zero-emission technology and products is expected to skyrocket over the coming years.

This will represent great opportunities for both Norwegian and American companies.

The Empire Wind Project is an excellent example.

Together with local and international partners, Equinor, Norway’s largest energy company, is about to develop offshore wind installations off the coast of New York, capable of providing energy for up to almost two million homes.

And creating thousands of jobs in the New York region.

This illustrates what we can accomplish when we work together.

Thinking outside the box.

And beyond the limitations of individual countries working alone.


In that respect I am very happy to be present at the official opening of DNB's brand-new office in New York, here at Hudson Yards.

What an impressive building!

And what a great move – literally speaking!

By moving into this building you are reducing the company’s climate footprint.

And you are showing what it means in practice when you state that you want to be a driving force for the sustainable transition.


To take advantage of the opportunities that the green transition brings, and to reach our common goals in the Paris Agreement, we need the private financial sector on board.

Money must be channeled towards sustainable projects and companies. 

From your new office here at Hudson Yards, DNB is very well equipped to be a driving force for sustainable investments.

Connecting companies and investors across the Atlantic.

It is an honor for me to declare the DNB New York office officially opened.


Thank you so much for your attention.