Donations from Norway to Ukraine for around NOK 1 billion

‘The war in Ukraine continues with high intensity. Norway has provided critical material to Ukraine to support them in their fight against Russia. We and our allies are clear about our long-term support for Ukraine. Ukraine can count on Norway’s steadfast support,’ says Defence Minister Bjørn Arild Gram.

Previously donated anti-tank missiles of the type M72 which were loaded onto a Norwegian C-130 J Hercules on its way to Ukraine.
Previously donated anti-tank missiles of the type M72 which were loaded onto a Norwegian C-130 J Hercules on its way to Ukraine. Credit: Torbjørn Kjosvold / Armed Forces of Norway

Over the last months, Norway has donated military materials valued at approximately NOK 1 billion from the Norwegian Armed Forces to Ukraine.

The support includes artillery shells, anti-tank weapons, minesweepers and support for the maintenance of tanks. Among the donations were 5,000 M72 anti-tank missiles and crucial artillery shells, useful in the M109 tanks previously donated by Norway. The value of the donations also includes replacements.

This winter's limited scope of donated artillery shells was a critical interim support until deliveries from the Czech initiative commences. Norway’s contribution there includes up to NOK 1.6 billion.

Norway contributes with training and donates deminers to Ukraine

‘To operate safely and effectively, the Ukrainian defence forces need to clear large areas of mines. Norway participates in the training of Ukrainian demining soldiers in Lithuania. The training is a collaboration between the Nordic countries. This winter, we have also donated three deminers on Leopard 1 tank chassis’, says Defence Minister Gram.

Norway provides NOK 150 million for the maintenance of donated Leopard tanks in Poland

Norway previously donated eight Leopard 2 A4 tanks and support vehicles to Ukraine.

‘Given the need for support, repair, and maintenance of donated materials, Norway will provide up to NOK 150 million for the maintenance of Leopard 2 A4 tanks at a maintenance center in Poland,’ states the Defence Minister.

Norwegian military support moving forward

The Norwegian military support for Ukraine is part of a broad international effort among allies and partner countries. Norwegian military support will continue to be organized along four main tracks:

  • Donations from the defense sector
  • Donations of materiel procured from the defense industry
  • Training and education of Ukrainian personnel
  • Contributions through international mechanisms and cooperation

Through the Nansen Programme, in 2023, Norway provided Ukraine with military support totalling approximately 10 billion kroner. This includes donations from the defence sector and industry, contributions to international funds, mechanisms, and the training of Ukrainian personnel. For 2024, the government has already made several significant decisions regarding military support and remains in continuous dialogue with allies and partners on measures to meet Ukraine's high-priority military needs.

Norway's support reflects the needs of Ukraine, with donations including air defence systems, artillery ammunition, mine clearance equipment, and tanks. Additionally, Norway plays a significant role in training Ukrainian personnel, through initiatives like the Home Guard’s professional education in Norway, instructor support for basic soldier training in Operation Interflex in the UK, and support for the training of Ukrainian personnel in Denmark in relation to the donation of F-16 fighter jets. Norway has also provided training to Ukrainian soldiers on systems such as M109 artillery, Hellfire missiles, NASAMS air defence, and artillery radars.

Norway, together with the UK, leads the maritime capability coalition aimed at developing the Ukrainian navy. As part of this effort, Norway will assist in training Ukrainian naval personnel.