Celebrating 15 years of women, peace and security

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The United Nations celebrates the efforts of women's participation and influence in peace and reconciliation processes. Norway is represented by State Secretary Tone Skogen.

15 years ago, the UN Security Council adopted resolution 1325 on women, peace and security. Since then it has been followed by six additional resolutions. Norway is represented by State Secretary Tone Skogen at the Open Debate at the Security Council on the High‐Level Review of SC Resolution 1325. She will also attend the launch of the Global Study on the implementation of Resolution 1325.

- Women are always impacted by war and conflict. 15 years ago we thought that women's participation was important to create lasting peace. Now we know it for a fact, said Tone Skogen.

Norway has intensified the efforts to promote Women, Peace and Security in a National Action Plan. Read Norway's National Action Plan on Women, Peace and Security here.

- Women's rights and gender equality should be central to all efforts to promote peace and security. We celebrate the 15th anniversary this year, but we are also impatient, especially when we see so few women take active part in peace negotiations, says Skogen.

It is essential that women are able to influence the decisions that affect their future. Norway will work systematically to promote women’s participation in peace processes, improve training on how women’s humanitarian and security needs can be met, and help ensure that women’s economic and political status and legal rights are given more emphasis in peacebuilding processes.

Combating sexual violence will be a recurring theme in all these areas. Norway will give particular priority to efforts in Afghanistan, Colombia, Myanmar, Palestine and South Sudan. The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs will lead this work and present annual reports on the implementation of the action plan.

- Despite the growing focus on the situation of women in conflict-affected countries, women are still being killed, or they are being forced to flee their homes, subjected to sexual abuse, or they suffer from hunger and are in need of assistance. Women are prevented from taking part in society and in peace negotiations. Men have an equal responsibility as women to ensure that both sexes are taken into account to ensure peace and security, says Skogen.