Revised National Budget:

Hospitals will receive larger budgets

The Norwegian Government proposes a permanent budget increase for hospitals, in addition to extraordinary price and wage adjustments in the hospital budgets. This amounts to a total of NOK 4.7 billion.

In addition, the Government proposes an increase in government loans in the amount of NOK 1.5 billion. This means that the total appropriations for hospitals will increase by NOK 6.2 billion in the revised National Budget.

A permanent budget increase of NOK 2.5 billion for hospitals was announced already in February (in Norwegian). This entails a permanent continuation of the additional appropriations stated in the revised budget balance in 2022 (in Norwegian). Hospitals will also be compensated with approximately NOK 2.2 billion as a result of price and wage increases in 2023.

Follow-up of prioritised areas

These budget increases will put hospitals in a better position to follow up prioritised areas for 2023 and enable them to make necessary investments.

It is proposed that loan limits for hospitals should be adjusted according to the construction cost index with retroactive effect. This amounts to an increased loan limit of NOK 5.4 billion, of which NOK 1.5 billion has been proposed as appropriated loans in 2023. This will provide a more stable and predictable financial situation in the future.

Safe and responsible treatment

“We have previously announced that the additional appropriations granted to hospitals in the revised budget balance last year will become permanent appropriations. Price increases in 2023 have been higher than the estimates in the budget adopted by the Storting, so the budget increase is essential for avoiding cuts to patient treatment and necessary investments,” says Ingvild Kjerkol, Minister of Health and Care Services.

These resources will put hospitals in a better position to follow up governing documents for 2023, which prioritises measures such as mental health care and swift access to healthcare services. As announced, updated estimates will also include investment items.

“The extraordinary compensation is a technical adjustment to avoid the unintended tightening of the budget adopted by the Storting in December 2022, and the priorities that formed the basis for the decision,” says the Minister of Health and Care Services.