Joint statement of partnership and cooperation between the Kingdom of Norway and the Republic of Macedonia

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The Republic of Macedonia and the Kingdom of Norway share a vision of a free and democratic Europe built on the principles of peace, justice, and the rule of law.

Today’s security challenges are common and indivisible. As we face similar challenges, we need to work together, both at Europe’s north and south ends.  In a rapidly changing environment and with growing interdependence, cooperation appears unavoidable and transcends borders.

We are strongly committed to the internationally acclaimed values and norms, in full respect of the United Nations’ Purposes and Principles.

The Republic of Macedonia reaffirms its commitment to the European principles of democracy, full observance of human rights, rule of law and free market economy, and pledges to undergo comprehensive reforms to achieve its strategic priorities:  EU and Nato membership.

Macedonia and Norway recognise that political and socio-economic stability and prosperity of Macedonia is of interest for the stability and security of the SEE Region and beyond.  Both countries look forward to Macedonia joining Nato as soon as possible.

Norway has a clear interest to see Macedonia stable and secure and thus reaffirms its support to Macedonia’s reform processes to bolster its foreign policy priorities.  Macedonia acknowledges Norway’s noteworthy contribution to peace and development, and values Norway’s supporting hand in good times and bad.

Our cooperation is dynamic and based on a mutual understanding of our joint interest and the needs of Macedonia. A new phase in our bilateral development cooperation starts this year, and will in the coming years focus on the following areas:

  • Enhancing Macedonia’s administrative and legislative capabilities for membership negotiations and implementation of necessary reforms for Euro-Atlantic integration.
  • Judiciary and fundamental rights, incl. the implementation of the Ohrid Framework Agreement.
  • Justice, freedom and security with priority to projects strengthening the prosecution authorities.
  • Environment with priority to clean water and flood prevention.
  • Financial control with priority to projects improving control mechanisms preventing corruption and misuse of public funds.

Oslo, 18 August 2017

Børge Brende      Nikola Dimitrov