Landbruks- og matministerens innlegg under OECDs landbruksministermøte 2022

Plenumssesjon 03.11.2022

  • Firstly, I like to reiterate that the Norwegian government condemns Russia’s military attack on Ukraine in the strongest possible terms.
  • The invasion is a flagrant breach of international law and have tragic consequences, not only for the people of Ukraine, but also the food security of the globe's most vulnerable. 
  • Disruptions in food markets, inflated prices and a climate crisis that becomes more and more pronounced have the potential to spark further unrest, conflict, and hunger. 
  • The situation for global food security is unprecedented and calls for strong collaboration among OECD countries, to address the impacts and identify solutions to these compounding challenges. 
  • Norway welcomes the ministerial declaration on transformative solutions for sustainable agriculture and food systems. 
  • The declaration recognizes the triple challenge that our agriculture and food systems are facing, and that all of us, as agricultural ministers, have a responsibility to address. 
  • We understand that the declaration is a compromise between all our countries, and that there is something in here for everyone. 
  • We would however have liked to see a stronger focus on domestic food production, especially in the context of food security. Trade and well-functioning global trading systems are of course important for food security. None of us are entirely self-sufficient, and none of us relies solely on trade. 
  • Nevertheless, it is still the case that most of the food consumed in world never crosses a border. Most of the food is produced and sourced domestically. And the demand is increasing. 
  • It is only through domestic actions and policies that we can contribute to increased sustainable food production. That is our responsibility as agricultural ministers. 
  • Ensuring food security and nutrition for a growing population through increased sustainable agricultural production, conserving the food production potential for the future, and providing economic opportunities for farmers and others employed in the food supply chain, is of high priority for the Norwegian government. 
  • The challenges we are facing in this task are global, multifaceted and diverse. We therefore welcome the holistic approach that the declaration lays out in its guidance for OECDs future work.