Norway puts gender equality at sea on the international agenda

This week, Norway is participating in the UN Ocean Conference in Barcelona. Minister of Fisheries and Ocean Policy, Cecilie Myrseth, has i.a. held bilateral meetings with her counterparts in the United States and Canada where she has raised the need for continued research in the Atlantic Ocean and for fomenting gender equality at sea.

"We need more women at sea who can contribute to innovation and development. Gender equality in the maritime and marine sector is just as important beyond our national borders, and Norway must be a driver for more international cooperation on gender equality at sea”, says Minister of Fisheries and Ocean Policy Cecilie Myrseth (Labour Party).

In the meetings with the United States and Canada, Myrseth has discussed how science and technology can address the challenges of the ocean, and how a lack of diversity can hinder progress.

"I am passionate about Norway taking a leadership role in gender equality at sea, and I bring this up in all my dialogues with international partners. I am pleased that two major maritime nations like the United States and Canada support Norway's approach and will contribute to increasing female participation in the maritime industries”, says Myrseth.