Norway signs up to European battery initiative

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The government has opened upfor Norway to join the enlargement process for the IPCEI EuBatIn battery initiative. 5 Norwegian battery projects are now part of the process. The membership will provide Norwegian companies access to funding, new markets and European cooperation.

Næringsministeren sammen med representanter fra selskapene som har søkt om deltakelse i IPCEI EuBatIn.
The Minister of Trade and Industry, Jan Christian Vestre, together with representatives from the companies that applied to participate in IPCEI EuBatIn. Credit: Yngve Angvik/Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries

‘The government has worked purposefully over the last year and a half to involve Norway in the collective European battery initiative. We were finally able to notify Germany yesterday that we are ready to go ahead. By joining this initiative, we can provide Norwegian companies the opportunity to elevate their projects to new heights, and explore new export markets,’ said the Minister of Trade and Industry, Jan Christian Vestre.

On Thursday, the Minister of Trade and Industry met with representatives from the Norwegian companies that applied to take part: Beyonder, Cenate, Hydro, Morrow and Vianode. They will meet again in a few weeks’ time at a networking event in Berlin, hosted by EuBatIn.

‘Outside of the IPCEI, we are limited by state aid regulations, and have less room to manoeuvre than other countries. The IPCEI are the Champions League of major battery projects, and we have seen that the Norwegians can dominate in this field. So now, we are sending Norway’s battery elite to Berlin, to find new project partners to collaborate with across Europe,’ Vestre said.

Significant projects for Europe

IPCEI stands for “Important Projects of Common European Interest” and has become a central instrument in the EU’s indystry policiy. The IPCEI initiatives allow the member states to collaborate on projects within strategically important value chains, where the countries are given the opportunity to deviate from the ordinary rules on state aid in order to work together across borders on particularly innovative projects, and those of particular strategic importance.

Two IPCEI battery initiatives have been established. Germany is responsible for the coordination of one of the two initiatives – EuBatIn – which Norway may join. According to the plan, the coordination process on the European level for the enlargement of the initiative is scheduled to run through to the summer. The government will make a final decision on participation when this process is finalised.

‘Norway shall be in the driving seat of the development for green technology and batteries. That is why we, last year, launched the battery strategy and The Green Industrial Initiative, where the state reduces risk . We need not, nor should  do it all alone,’ said the Minister of Trade and Industry.

An important responsibility

Innovation Norway has a coordinating role for IPCEIs and has on assignment from the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries, implemented a national call of interest in February, for the expansion of the IPCEI EuBatIn initiative. The main aim of this initiative is to develop a competitive, innovative and sustainable value chain for batteries in Europe.

‘When Norwegian companies are given the opportunity to participate in this IPCEI, it will open up access to vital European partners and markets. In Norway, we have outstanding competence when it comes to production, in terms of low carbon footprints, processing industries and recirculation. We have a great starting point to be able to contribute to this major European battery initiative, and to the development of green industries and green energy solutions,’ said the CEO of Innovation Norway, Håkon Haugli.

IPCEI EuBatIn – European Battery Innovation

  • One of the two IPCEI initiatives for batteries
  • Coordinated by Germany and set in motion in 2021
  • 42 direct participants from 12 member states, including Finland and Sweden
  • It is opened up for an expantion of the existing cooperation with new participants and projects, as well as new countries – including Norway
  • There are very high requirements for both the company and the project, in order to be accepted as a participant in IPCEI EuBatIn
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