Agreement on notification of nuclear incidents between Norway and Russia

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‘I am very pleased that Norway and Russia have now reached agreement on joint notification procedures in the event of a nuclear accident. This is an important milestone in the nuclear safety and emergency response cooperation between our countries,’ said Minister of Foreign Affairs Børge Brende.

It is planned that the notification procedures will be signed on 15 September in the margins of the IAEA General Conference in Vienna. In recent years, Norway and Russia have been working to strengthen the joint agreement on notification of nuclear accidents of 1993 by introducing concrete notification procedures.

‘The new procedures we are now establishing with Russia will ensure early notification in the event of a nuclear incident, which is crucial for Norway’s emergency preparedness. The joint notification procedures confirm once again that cooperation between Norway and Russia in this field is helping to build trust and enhance security on both sides of the border,’ Mr Brende pointed out.

The notification procedures that have now been agreed have broad support in Russia, and have been endorsed by all relevant authorities. Norway has been invited to observe Russian nuclear exercises on a regular basis, and there are now plans to hold more frequent exercises where the new procedures will be tried out.