Global Citizen-pledge

Speech held at the Global Citizen concert in Hamburg.

Together, we can build a learning generation by 2030.

We start here in Hamburg.

Global Citizens - you are tomorrow’s leaders!

We must invest in young people around the world. 

A free, quality education is the right of every youth and child.

We must reach Global Goal 4.

If not, we fail not only you – but also future generations.

Education is the best investment available.

Trained minds equals skilled and innovative people.

Knowledge is key to the well-being of people and planet.

This is why I initiated the Education Commission, and

-          why Norway has doubled funding for global education, and

-          why we give the highest priority to education.

But more resources are needed.

So: Norway will invest more in education through:

-          The Global Partnership for Education,

-          The International Financing Facility for Education, and

-           Education Cannot Wait

I also have an announcement to make here tonight:

The “She Decides” initiative is about women and girls’ right to be in charge of their lives

It is about girls’ opportunities to both start and complete their education

For these purposes, Norway will provide an additional 85 million USD to women’s and girls’ health.

As guest to this year’s summit, I call on G20 to increase funding for education.

We must start now!

Danke Schön

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