About the ministry

Information about the The Ministry of Children and Families.

The Ministry of Children and Families seeks:

  • to allow children and young people to grow up safely and to participate in public decision-making processes
  •  to promote economic and social security for families
  • to strengthen consumer rights, interests and safety

The Ministry’s activities affect the daily lives of most people in the country, and its decisions and judgments can have a major impact on individuals.

Most of the Ministry’s budget goes toward benefits for families with children. The three main benefit types are called child benefits, maternity/paternity benefits and cash benefits to the parents of young children. Among social welfare services, the largest budgetary items are for child welfare and protection.

Specialist departments within the Ministry uphold laws and administer support programmes while performing additional functions related to planning, reporting, incentive measures, counselling, and information dissemination to the general public and affected groups.

The Ministry’s departments also support research, testing and programme development in their speciality areas as well as collaboration in international arenas.