Department for Economic and Administrative Affairs (ØA)

The department consists of the following sections

  • Budget and Finance Management (BØ)

    Administration of finances within the Ministry's area of responsibility. Co-ordination an preparing the annual state budgets and national accounts for the Ministry's area of responsibility. Internal financial control an general financial matters within the Ministry. Assist The Office of the Auditor General.

  • Section for information management and common services (IF)

    Information management and records service. Requests for access to information and records. Transfer of records to the National Archives of Norway. Use and development of systems and working tools. Develop efficient working processes. Common services and delivery assistance.

  • Section for EU/EEA

    Section for EU/EEA is responsible for the coordination between the Ministry for Petroleum and Energy and EU/EEA. The contact with the EU Commission, ESA and others, concerning directives that are relevant for the Ministry is conducted in relation with the appropriate department.