Department for Planning

The department’s area of responsibility includes management and development tasks under the Planning and Building Act relating to urban development, municipal land-use planning, environmental impact analyses, and regional planning.The department is also responsible for national mapping and geodata policy and is responsible for the Norwegian Mapping Authority.

The department is headed by Director General Jarle Jensen.

The department consists of ten teams.

The teams are headed by: Head of analysis and evaluation Pål Lorentzen (management), Senior Planning Adviser Knut Grønntun (planning matters), Deputy Director General Bjørn Casper Horgen (planning system, industry and natural resources), Head of analysis and evaluation Veslemøy Faafeng (legal development), Deputy Director General Guro Voss Gabrielsen (geodata and cadastre), Deputy Director General Erik Vieth Pedersen (urban growth, land and transport, climate and security), Deputy Director General Berit Skarholt (liveability and urban qualities) og Head of Division (i følgje Ordnett)  Grete Haugdal (management and competence).

Important tasks are development of legislation, development and dissemination of national goals and interests in regional and local planning, , central government land-use plans, following up of national guidelines for housing, land-use and transport planning, consideration of complaints, advice on the use of the planning system, policy development for sustainable cities and towns,and .