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The Election Act Commission

The Government has appointed a public legislative commission to draft a new Election Act. The Commission is headed by High Court Judge Ørnulf Røhnebæk and has 18 members.

The Commission's mandate

The Commission will assess the electoral system in light of forthcoming changes to regional and county structures. The Commission will also review all aspects of the electoral process, such as early voting, counting of votes and the final approval of election results.

Through its work, the Commission shall ensure continued high confidence in the electoral system and the conduct of democratic elections in the future.

The commission will submit its report to the Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation by 31 December 2019.

The deadline is postponed to 31 May 2020.

The commission's mandate (pdf)

About the Election Act Commission

Established: 2017-06-28
Type: Commission 
Responsible entity: The Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation

Highlights of the mandate:
The Commission will make proposals to the election law and assess changes to the electoral system. The Commission will furthermore look into all aspects of the electoral process, including early voting procedures and voting on election day, responsibilities for the receipt and counting of votes, and final approval mechanisms of election results. The Committee will also look at appeal procedures. A representative from each of the parties in parliament is represented in the committee.

Om Valglovutvalget

Opprettet: 2017

Opphørt: 2020

Type: Utvalg


Eget nettsted: http://www.valglovutvalget.no/

Hovedpunkt i mandatet/ Arbeidsområde:

Utvalget skal lage forslag til ny valglov og vurdere endringer i valgordningen. Utvalget skal se på alle sider av valggjennomføringen, blant annet forsendelse av forhåndsstemmer, forholdet mellom tidligstemmegivning, forhåndsstemmegivning og stemmegivning på valgdagen, ansvar og roller knyttet til mottak og opptelling av stemmer og godkjenning av valg. Utvalget skal se spesielt på klageadgang ved valg. Alle stortingspartier har én representant hver i utvalget.

Full mandattekst Valglovutvalget
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