The National Library

The National Library is an important repository of knowledge in Norway. Its activities comprise collection, preservation and making available published content in all types of media.

As the steward of the collections and a research library, the National Library is an important asset in Norwegian research infrastructure. It is also a key cultural policy instrument for the long-term preservation of cultural heritage and the celebration of authors' anniversaries. The collection is a unique repository of knowledge for use in the present and future. The National Library has a special responsibility to develop its services and utilise its expertise to contribute in the development Norwegian libraries to constitute vigorous, active and modern civic institutions.

As the government's body charged with stimulating and advancing Norwegian libraries, the National Library plays an important role in designing and implementing a national library policy that promotes popular and professional libraries.

The National Library is mandated to establish bibliographic standards, develop bibliographies and authority records, run joint stores and interlibrary loans through the depository library, and develop a Norwegian digital library. 

The National Library shall be a national centre of expertise and resources that benefits other institutions in the library and cultural sector.

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