The Ministry of Petroleum and Energy has 5 departments.
The Communication Unit is part of the Secretary General's staff.

  • Oil and Gas Department (OG)

    Exploration policies. Monitoring of development, production and decommissioning of oil and gas fields on the Norwegian continental shelf (NCS). Monitoring of the gas chain. Economical analysis of petroleum activity, including estimations and evaluations for the National Budget and the State Budget. Juridical questions linked to petroleum activity.

    Department director: Director General Lars Erik Aamot

  • Climate, Industry and Technology Department

    Through work on framework conditions the department shall contribute to value creation and competitiveness by strengthening innovation, promoting development of competence and internationalisation of the energy industry. The department aims to strengthen co-operation between the various actors in the sector.

    Department director: Director General Bjørn Haugstad

  • Energy and Water Resources Department (EV)

    The Energy and Water Resources Department’s main objective is to ensure sound management, in both economic and environmental terms, of water and hydropower resources, other domestic energy sources and energy use

  • Department for Economic and Administrative Affairs (ØA)

    Department director: Director General Bjørn Ståle Haavik

  • The EU/EEA unit

    The EU/EEA unit is responsible for the coordination between the Ministry for Petroleum and Energy and EU/EEA. The contact with the EU Commission, ESA and others, concerning directives that are relevant for the Ministry is conducted in relation with the appropriate department.

    Department director: Contact person Johan Vetlesen

  • Communication Unit (KOMM)

    The Communication Unit relays press enquiries to the political leadership. We help the press and the public to find background materials and information on ministerial matters. We are also responsible for the Ministry’s website.

    Department director: Press enquiries MPE