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If You are Considering Abortion

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Published under: Stoltenberg's 1st Government

Publisher Sosial- og helsedepartementet

(I-0936 E)

This brochure is for you who are considering whether to have an abortion or not. The brochure you will inform you on where you can go to get information, counselling and advice.

If You are Considering Abortion

The Abortion Act gives you the right to request an abortion by the end of the twelfth week of your pregnancy. The request must be made in consultation with a medical doctor. The doctor will inform you about how the procedure is done, and any complications. The doctor will also inform you of the support available should you choose not to have an abortion. You do not have to give reasons for your choice, and you decide whether or not you want to receive counselling or advice.

Whether or not to terminate a pregnancy can be a very difficult decision. In order to make the best choice for you, you may find it useful to talk to someone about it. Surveys have shown that most women in your situation talk to their partners, close friends, or members of their families. Usually, they are people who know you and your situation, and in whom you can trust.

Sometimes abortion can be a difficult subject to discuss with those closest to you. There are several public institutions and offices where you can ask for help. In addition, there are non-governmental organisations that also offer counselling and guidance.

Below is a list of who to contact for information, counselling, and advice.

Public Counsellors and Advisors

  • You can ask your physician for advice. Your physician is bound by professional secrecy. He or she can inform you about the support available should you decide to give birth to your child. Your doctor can also inform you of other professionals with whom you can discuss the decision you are facing. These include family counsellors, health centres, the social security office, or a member of the clergy. Some hospitals have their own counsellors who are available to help you.
  • In many municipalities ( kommuner) there are health centres for young people, usually up to 20 years of age, that specialise in counselling on subjects such as pregnancies and contraception.
  • At the local social security office you can receive information on social benefits. Giving birth and taking care of small children gives you the right to economic support through the National Insurance scheme and the child benefit system. There are social security offices in every municipality. The Social Security Service also has its own website, www.trygdeetaten.no.
  • If you have already requested an abortion, you can ask for counselling at your hospital. Doctors at hospitals are under the same obligation to provide information as general practitioners. The hospital may refer you to a social worker or other counsellors.
  • At the County Governor’s (fylkesmannen) office you can obtain information regarding adoptions. If you have decided to give birth, but are considering giving your child up for adoption, this is where you can obtain further information.

Non-Governmental Organisations

The organisation Alternativ til Abort Norge- AAN (Alternative to Abortion Norway) has a counselling service for pregnant women. Anyone can come to AAN for counselling. The organisation receives public support to render this service. The service is free. AAN is a politically and religiously independent organisation which provides professional advice all over Norway. Telephone: 22 47 80 10.

Klinikk for seksuell opplysning- KSO (Clinic for Sexual Counselling) is an independent organisation, centrally located in Oslo. The organisation receives public funding, mainly from the Municipality of Oslo. KSO is operated by doctors, nurses, and psychologists, and offers free counselling on sexuality, contraceptives, and abortions. The clinic is located in Hammerfestgt. 1, and open hours are Monday - Thursday from 4 pm – 8 pm. Telephone during open hours: 22 37 51 44. Outside these hours you may use the following telephone number: 22 37 51 14.

Telefon for seksuell helse (Telephone for Sexual Health) is a national counselling telephone service, run by Senter for ungdom, seksualitet og samliv - SUSS (Centre for Youth, Sexuality, and Cohabitation), on the commission of Statens helsetilsyn (The Norwegian Board of Health). You pay only local rate, regardless from where in Norway you call. If you wish, you can remain anonymous. You can receive advice and counselling on contraceptives, pregnancies, and abortions. The telephone is operated by doctors, and is open Monday - Thursday between 8 and 10 pm. Telephone: 810 02 244.