Meld. St. 24 (2016–2017)

Common Responsibility for Common Future— Meld. St. 24 (2016–2017) Report to the Storting (white paper), English summary

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9 Defending international rules and universal values

Multilateral conventions and institutions that promote democracy, human rights and the rule of law are under pressure. Norway will give priority to efforts to maintain the international legal order, which has been built up since the Second World War.

Women’s reproductive health and their right to decide over their own bodies is one of the areas under pressure. Norway will continue its efforts in this area, and will shoulder its share of the responsibility to ensure that any reduction in the overall funding available for family planning, contraception and safe abortion is compensated for. Few groups are more vulnerable in wars and conflicts than religious minorities. Norway will strengthen its efforts to support religious minorities that are being discriminated against and persecuted.