The Norwegian Defence Pledge

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2 % and beyond. Norway’s reinforced commitment to NATO.

Norway will reach the NATO commitment of spending 2% of GDP on defence in 2024. Through our new long-term defence plan, Norway will continue to increase defence spending significantly from 2025-2036.

Through major investments, we will significantly improve and expand our defence capabilities in order to strengthen Norwegian and allied security, NATO’s deterrence and defence, our defence capabilities, and our ability to receive and support allied forces. An important goal is to increase the volume and flexibility of the Norwegian military to enhance our military posture and the defence of the Alliance.

Norway is a nation with considerable maritime interests. Combined with our immediate proximity to Russia’s nuclear submarine force, maintaining situational awareness in the High North and in the North Atlantic is paramount.

This long-term defence plan emphasises capabilities in the maritime domain through the planned procurement of a minimum of five new frigates with anti-submarine warfare capability as well as minimum of five new submarines. Norway will invest in new long-range surveillance drones and satellites. Norway will strengthen air defence capabilities with additional ground-based air defence systems, as well as long-range air defence capability.

Finland and Sweden’s entry into NATO will significantly strengthen allied security. It also facilitates further security integration among Nordic countries. The Norwegian Army will strengthen its capacity with two new land combat brigades and long-range precision fires. The Home Guard will receive more equipment, personnel and training. New helicopters will be acquired for the army and special forces. Stocks of munitions, spare parts, fuel and equipment will be rapidly increased. Norway will introduce more simulators and acquire one additional C-130J transport aircraft.

Diagram. Increased national defence capability.