The Norwegian Social Insurance Scheme 2024

This brochure gives a general overview of the Norwegian Social Insurance Scheme in 2024.

«The Norwegian Social Insurance Scheme» is an information brochure published every year by the Ministry of Labour and Social Inclusion, with contributions from several other ministries.

The brochure provides a general overview of the Norwegian Social Insurance Scheme. It covers the main general social insurance schemes in Norway: the National Insurance Scheme, the Child Benefit Scheme, and the Scheme for Cash Benefit for Families with Small Children. The brochure provides an overview of the rules for membership in the National Insurance Scheme, which rights and obligations one has as a member of the National Insurance, and how the National Insurance Scheme and the other schemes are financed.

The brochure gives members of the Norwegian National Insurance Scheme and other interested parties an overall introduction to the Norwegian Social Insurance Scheme. The overview is intended for informational purposes only. It has no value as a legal document and no rights may be derived from the information given herein.