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This is a list of selected plans and strategies from The Office of the Prime Minister and the Ministries. 

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  • About mutual recognition

    According to the EU principle of mutual recognition, all products that are lawfully marketed in one EEA Member State may also be sold in all the other Member States without having to be harmonized with national technical regulations. The principle

  • Toys

    The regulation establishes the safety objectives toys must fulfil when being placed or made available on the market.

  • Portable fire extinguisher

    The regulation apply to obligations for: anyone to exercise caution in the event of flammable activity,  owners and users of buildings to prevent fire,  municipalities to prevent fires, those who sell portable fire extinguishing equipment.

  • Decoupling commodities production from deforestation: On-demand webinar with Tropical Forest Alliance & NICFI Data program

    Click here to register for the On-Demand Webinar. Decoupling deforestation from commodities production is critical to climate and sustainability solutions. Today, over two-thirds of tropical deforestation occurs due to the production of just four

  • Energy and petroleum research

    The aim of the research and development (R&D) policy within the energy and petroleum sector is to contribute to efficient and sustainable exploitation of Norwegian energy and petroleum resources Developing and implementing new solutions is a key

  • Meld. St. 20 (2020–2021) - National Transport Plan 2022–2033

  • Chemicals for drinking water treatment

    Approval system of chemicals for drinking water treatment

  • Voluntary labelling of foods with the Keyhole

    Gives the possibility to voluntarily label and present foods with the Keyhole. The Keyhole symbol is linked to the food’s content of fat, sugars, dietary fibre or salt in different food groups.

  • Fruit jams, etc.

    Norway has authorised the reserved names to be used also for products defined in part I which have a soluble dry matter content of less than 60 %.

  • Inorganic fertilising products

    The requirements apply to mineral fertilisers and liming materials. It also applies to plant biostimulants and composting additives other than those containing microorganisms.

  • Training of railway personnel

    Requirements for training of railway personnel with work tasks concerning safety

  • Railway vehicles

    Safety on railway vehiclesRequirement for permission to use railway vehicles that are not covered by directive 2008/57 and 2016/797.

  • Lighting equipment for vehicles

    The technical requirements according to Directive 2007/46/EC are implemented through this regulation. Requirements for lights in addition to UNECE 48 and sound signal.

  • Railway infrastructure

    Safety on railway infrastructure. Requirement for permission to establish and run railway infrastructure that are not covered by directive 2008/57 and 2016/797

  • Heritage railways

    Safety on private railway sidetracks.Requirement for permission to establish and run railway sidetracks

  • Private railway sidetracks

    Safety on private railway sidetracks.Requirement for permission to establish and run railway sidetracks

  • Trams and subways etc.

    Safety on trams and subways. Requirement for permission to offer services to the public and to establish and run infrastructure.

  • Cableways

    Safety on cableways that rare not regulated by Regulation EU 2016/424

  • Amusement devices

    Safety on amusement devices. Requirement for permission to offer use of amusement devices to the public

  • Support to Improve Knowledge about Climate-related Peace and Security Risks

    To enhance our understanding of the impacts of climate-related peace and security risks, we need more knowledge and facts. Norway has initiated several research and analytical activities to this aim.