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This is a list of selected plans and strategies from The Office of the Prime Minister and the Ministries. 

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  • Continuation of strict entry restrictions

    The tightened entry restrictions that were introduced on 29 January 2021 will remain in effect for the time being, initially until 24 May.

  • Film policy

    Film and other audiovisual productions are key cultural means of communication and artistic forms of expression. The Government is working to facilitate the production of high-quality audiovisual content in Norwegian and Sámi that is available to

  • Award-winning campaign combats social dumping

    Many foreign workers who travel from Eastern Europe to work in Norway are unaware of their rights and obligations as employees here. An information campaign to remedy this has now been launched.

  • Corona information in other languages

    Press conferences, news and press releases, and information from the Government in several languages.

  • Temporary adjustments to Level A measures

    Level A, the strictest level of regional measures, has been designed to normally last for 2-3 weeks. This level of measures has applied to 20 municipalities in Viken for considerably longer than this. The Norwegian Government therefore asked the

  • Adjustments to regional measures

    The Norwegian Directorate of Health and the Norwegian Institute of Public Health have conducted an overall review of the regional levels of measures and are proposing minor adjustments. The Norwegian Government has followed the recommendation. Most

  • Changes to regional measures in Viken

    The infection levels in Viken county are falling, but some municipalities still have high infection levels. In accordance with recommendations from the Norwegian Directorate of Health, the Norwegian Institute of Public Health and the County Governor

  • Exemption from transmission quarantine for people who have been vaccinated against COVID-19

    People who have been fully vaccinated no longer need to go into transmission quarantine. When people have received their first dose and 3-12 weeks have elapsed since vaccination, they will also be exempt from transmission quarantine if they are

  • Travel to Norway

    In order to limit import infection, foreigners' access to Norway has been tightened sharply. Only those non-Norwegian citizens who are residents of Norway are permitted to enter the country. This also applies to citizens of the EEA.

  • States that have endorsed the Safe Schools Declaration

    The Oslo Conference on Safe Schools: Protecting Education from Attack, was organised in Oslo 28-29 May 2015. The main objective of the Conference was for states to endorse the Safe Schools Declaration.

  • Information for Norwegian citizens about travel and the coronavirus

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is maintaining its global advice against all non-essential travel to all countries. This advice currently applies until 15 May 2021. Exceptions have been made for countries and regions in the Nordic region and in the

  • Interval extended between the first and second dose of the vaccine

    The interval between the first and second dose of the mRNA vaccines (Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna) is being extended to up to 12 weeks for all age groups under 65 years following a recommendation from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health. This

  • Change in the travel advice for one hospital district in Finland

    Based on the Norwegian Institute of Public Health’s weekly assessment of the Covid-19 situation, the Government has decided to change the status of the North Ostrobothnia Hospital District in Finland from ‘yellow’ to ‘red’ on the map showing the

  • 'Note that the Palestinian elections have been postponed'

    'We note that the planned Palestinian parliamentary elections have been postponed', State Secretary Audun Halvorsen said after the postponement of the elections.

  • Coronavirus information for Diplomatic and Consular Missions

    As a result of the coronavirus situation, the Norwegian Government has adopted laws and regulations on various related matters, including border control, entry restrictions for foreign nationals, requirements on documentation of negative test result

  • Tina Bru met the Belgian Minister of energy

    Tina Bru, Minister of Petroleum and Energy, met with Belgian Minister of Energy Tinne van der Straeten on Thursday for discussions on CCS, offshore wind and hydrogen.

  • Stricter testing requirements

    The Norwegian Government is introducing a requirement that people who have visited countries outside the EEA and the Schengen area and have received a positive result from a rapid antigen test taken at the border must also take a PCR test at the

  • Changes among the political advisers

    The Office of the Prime Minister has appointed Ms. Lise Hammersland as new political adviser to Minister of Finance Jan Tore Sanner from 26 May 2021 to 18 March 2022.

  • The Panorama Strategy (2021–2027)

    Panorama 2021 - 2027 - Norway's strategy for bilateral cooperation on higher education and research with key partner countries outside the EU.

  • Norway joins important biodiversity initiatives

    2021 is an important year for nature and biodiversity worldwide. In connection with the international negotiations on a post-2020 global biodiversity framework, Norway has announced that it is joining two groups of countries that are working to save