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  • Changes among the political advisers

    The Office of the Prime Minister has appointed Mr. Syver Hanke as political adviser to Minister of Education and Research Henrik Asheim, in state secretary Magnus Thue’s leave of absence.

  • Fake news and alternative facts

    Opening remarks on the occasion of this year's Acadmy Symposium in Humanities and Social Sciences at The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters.

    By Minister of Education and Research Henrik Asheim

  • Substantial increase in support for religious minorities

    'Around 70 % of the world's population live in countries where there are restrictions on freedom of religion and belief. We will therefore continue to step up our support for efforts to promote freedom of religion and belief, to the benefit of

  • Money for wolf issues

    The Government will grant approximately NOK 27 million to municipalities within the designated wolf zones, to further the tagging of wolves and towards strengthening the Norwegian Nature Inspectorate’s efforts to combat conflict.

  • The government forwards a strategy for green competitiveness

    A continuously stricter global climate policy and an ever faster technological development changes the overall conditions for Norwegian business. The strategy for green competitiveness, which the government presents today, will prepare Norway

  • Government to double support for Western Balkans

    'Strengthening the rule of law and promoting democratic and economic development in the Western Balkans are very important. I am pleased to announce that the Government intends to double Norway's aid to the region from NOK 175 million in 2017 to NOK

  • Norway's peace and reconciliation efforts to be stepped up

    'Norwegian engagement in peace and reconciliation work is more important than ever, and the Government is proposing to step up these efforts in 2018. At the same time, we intend to increase our support for implementation of the Colombian peace

  • NOK 150 million for development programme to combat plastic and other marine litter

    ‘Norway intends to take the lead in ocean affairs internationally. Marine litter, including plastics, has become one of the most serious environmental problems of our time. That is why the Government is launching a concerted effort to combat marine

  • The Government will further develop the National Tourist Trails

    The Government will facilitate the best-known hiking trails for tourists. The Ministry of Climate and Environment proposes spending NOK 10.5 million on this, an increase of 3 million from 2017.

  • NOK 1.3 billion increase for climate and environment

    The Government's budget proposal for 2018 has a clear climate and environment profile. A number of climate measures have been proposed that cut greenhouse gas emissions, both nationally and internationally. In addition, there are measures that

  • NOK 7.7 billion to global health and education

    'Education and health are essential for sustainable development and poverty reduction in all countries. The Government will continue to increase funding for global health and education and is proposing a total allocation of NOK 7.7 billion for these

  • More money for rainforests

    The government proposes to grant 3 billion Norwegian kroner on next year's budget to help preserving rainforests. This is an increase from 2017 of 118 million Norwegian kroner.

  • A budget spurring on green competitiveness

    The government will strengthen Norway's green competitiveness and cooperate with industry to create new jobs. The Ministry of Climate and Environment will also spend more money on climate research, climate negotiations and on the UN climate panel.

  • Norwegian Government Proposes Significant Boost in Defence Expenditures

    The Norwegian government continues to give priority to the defence sector in its annual budget proposal through a NOK 3 billion increase in 2018. It shows the government’s commitment to increase defence spending every year to meet the ambitions set

  • NOK 1.3 billion increase in aid budget for 2018

    'The Government's proposed aid budget for 2018 is bigger than ever before and amounts to NOK 35.1 billion. This is NOK 1.3 billion more than in 2017. We are intensifying our efforts to reach the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and giving

  • Educating people for the future

    The Government is strengthening Norway's competitiveness through its commitment to knowledge and research. In the state budget for 2018, the Government proposes, among other things, to strengthen efforts on early intervention in kindergarten and

  • Market Value

    The market value of the GPFG equalled 8,018 billion Norwegian kroner at the end of June 2017. Investments in equities, fixed-income and unlisted real estate corresponded to 5,220 billion, 2,600 billion and 200 billion kroner, respectively,

  • Market Value

    Aggregate market value of the Government Pension Fund was 8,238 billion Norwegian kroner at the end of June 2017. The GPFG accounted for in excess of 97 percent of total assets.

  • Fund Performance

    From 1 January 1998 to the end of June 2017, the average annual nominal return on the GPFG was 5.9 percent as measured in the currency basket of the Fund. The nominal return net of asset management costs and inflation (net real return) is in the

  • Fund Performance

    The GPFN generated a nominal rate of return of 3.7 percent in the first half of 2017, as measured in Norwegian kroner and before the deduction of asset management costs. The equity and fixed-income portfolios produced an aggregate return of 4.7