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Multidimensional and Integrated Peace Operations

Historical archive

Published under: Stoltenberg's 2nd Government

Publisher: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The strategic aims of peace operations have changed fundamentally in recent years, and UN Security Council mandates are increasingly multi-dimensional in purpose.

This challenges all stakeholders to respond in kind.  It has become ever clearer that the complex range of approaches and instruments that are employed in peace operations require some form of integration if lasting peace is to be secured. Although the UN has taken important steps by adopting innovative policies, mechanisms and programmes, significant challenges remain in relation to improving the integration and coordination of both multilateral and bilateral efforts in countries affected by war.


It is against this backdrop that the Norwegian Government has initiated a project to follow up on the report by the United Nations Executive Committee on Humanitarian Affairs and the subsequent conference, launching its findings, in Oslo in May 2005.  A series of regional consultations, and seminars for stakeholders have been held around the world, including Beijing, Addis Ababa, Geneva, New York, Johannesburg and Brussels. The seminars are intended to provide a forum for stakeholders in multidimensional peace operations to exchange views and propose improvements to current practices related to the integrated missions concept. The seminars have featured a number of high-level speakers, including key policy makers from UN member states, the UN Secretariat, UN funds and programmes, international financial institutions, regional organisations, and civil society. 

The main themes include:

  • How to reconcile mandates/efforts to improve the coherence and impact of the UN response in conflicts;
  • How to better support the peace processes by linking the peacemaking efforts with the conception, planning and implementation of a multidimensional and integrated peace operation;
  • How to improve the alignment of mandates, resources and practices;
  • How integrated peace operations can enhance effective protection of civilians, while safeguarding the independence and impartiality of humanitarian efforts; and
  • How integrated peace operations can augment a demographically and gender sensitive approach.