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Published under: Stoltenberg's 2nd Government

Publisher Ministry of Justice and the Police

RFI (Request for Information) was released 2008.02.13. Please click <B>"Request for information"</B> in the menu on the left and fill in your details. Then you will receive a link to a web page with access to the RFI-document.

RFI (Request for Information) was released 2008.02.13. Please click "Request for information" in the menu on the left and fill in your details. Then you will receive an e-mail with a link to a web page with further access to the RFI-document. On that web page you may also post your questions regarding the projects and receive answers. All questions and answers will be published on this web site.

Revised version of Quantitative Data Model v1.1

This new version of the Quantitative Data model (RFI Issue 01-2008 Quantitative Data Model v1.1.xls) has been corrected according to Clarification Question and Answers number 121 and 122.

The corrections apply to reference 102-01 in the model.
In the previous version of the model total non-recurring costs were added to the cost per unit for each of the SAR-installations in the “Total”-column. In the corrected version non-recurring costs are are taken out of this summation.
Furthermore the item references for the SAR installations in the previous version of the Quantitative data model were not consistent with the S1000D-terminology. In particular this applied to item ref. 31 and 95 and this has been corrected in the new version.

The respondents are advised to be aware of these corrections.
The respondents may use either of the versions of the model. The respondents who choose to use the first version are kindly asked to specify whether and how corrections have been made to the model according to the above.