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Deportation of foreigners who do not register prior to arrival or submit to testing at the border

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Published under: Solberg's Government

Publisher: Ministry of Justice and Public Security

The government has today introduced the statutory authority to deport foreign citizens who violate the testing and registration requirements stipulated in the Covid-19 regulations.

Due to the hazards posed by imported infections, the government resolved this week to extend its tightened restrictions on who may enter Norway. Persons who may enter Norway are subject to strict requirements relating to issues such as registration prior to arrival and testing at the border.

‘Any violation of the testing and registration requirements, whether committed by a Norwegian citizen or a foreign citizen, is a criminal offence. It is important that these requirements are adhered to. Preventing the import of infections is a prerequisite for us eventually being in a position to lift the restrictions on entry to Norway. Consequently, it is also vital that the rules are upheld and that there are efficient and appropriate ways to respond to any breach of these,’ says Monica Mæland (Conservative), Minister of Justice and Public Security.

The government believes that it is necessary to have statutory authority to enable the deportation of foreign citizens on such grounds and that this is an appropriate response to the situation. Exemptions are in place for non-Norwegian citizens who are resident in Norway, as well as in cases where ‘special grounds’ indicate that deportation would be inappropriate.

‘Deportations will take place quickly following a streamlined procedure. Random spot checks will be carried out on testing facilities at selected border crossings,’ says Mæland.

The statutory authority has been integrated into the regulations governing restrictions on arrivals to Norway and is pursuant to Section 7-12 of the Act relating to control of communicable diseases. There already exists the statutory authority allowing for the deportation of foreign citizens who breach restrictions on entry into Norway or fail to present a negative test taken prior to arrival, those who seriously violate the quarantine regulations applicable to arrivals or who commit criminal breaches of the infection prevention regulations, or who otherwise pose a risk to public health.