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Norway continues the dialogue with Brazil about the Amazon Fund

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Published under: Solberg's Government

Publisher: Ministry of Climate and Environment

Norway stands by our Climate and Forest Agreement with Brazil. From Norway's point of view, the Amazon fund has worked well until now. It would be a setback if the fund, which has been an important inspiration to other tropical forest countries, is terminated. Entering a form of cooperation with Brazil that weakens the foundation of our partnership is not an option, says Norway's Minister of Climate- and Environment Ola Elvestuen.

The last 24 hours, both Brazilian and Norwegian media have reported that the Amazon Fund is in danger of being closed down.

Ola Elvestuen confirms that there is a dialogue about the steering structure of the Amazon Fund.  The fund manages the money Norway has disbursed to Brazil to reward reduced climate emissions from deforestation of the Amazon.

Both Norway's and Germany's ambassadors to Brazil met with minister Salles yesterday to have talks about the future of the fund. 

–Norway's goal is to continue the partnership, even though we realize that the termination of the fund also is a possible outcome. Norway wishes to continue the dialogue with Brazil directly and not through the media, says Elvestuen.

Recent reports show increasing deforestation of the Amazon. Credit: Snorre Tønset

–We are worried about the recent developments in Brazil and reports on increased deforestation in the Amazon. Supporting Brazil's efforts to fulfill its national emission reduction goals under the Paris climate agreement is a high priority for Norway.  In this context, our cooperation through the Amazon fund is important, both since the fund manages the results based payments from Norway to Brazil for reduced emissions from deforestation and because the fund supports a sustainable development in the Amazon.

–In our point of view, the fund has worked well up until now and we stand by our agreement with Brazil.  We see no need to change the steering structure of the Amazon fund.

-We have emphasized that there can be no changes in the steering structure of the fund without the consent of Norway as a party to the agreement.

- We would not be able to endorse solutions that undermine the good results we already have achieved or compromise Norways principles regarding development aid, says Minister of Climate- and Environment Ola Elvestuen.