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Key trends on gender equality in the UNECE region

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Published under: Solberg's Government

We have agreed on an ambitious goal to be reached by 2030: to end all forms of discrimination against women and girls everywhere.

We have seen progress, but we are still far from reaching our goal.

Many of the pressing issues that were discussed in Beijing almost 25 years ago are still to be resolved.

Gender equality is our most valuable investment. It has been decisive for Norway's development from poverty to today's prosperous economy. And it will be equally profitable for other countries.

Women's participation in paid work has been decisive for Norway's development. Increasing women's participation in working life is sound economics. It pays off – for the woman, for the family and for the nation.

Investing in quality education, especially for girls, is the single most effective way of promoting sustainable development.

In Norway, our goal has been to make balance between work and family life possible for both men and women.

Investments in social protection systems pave the way for gender equality.

One main welfare scheme in Norway is the parental leave. The parents are entitled to approximately one year of paid leave. There are quotas for each parent, and one part that may be divided between them at their choice.

Norway has also invested in affordable and high quality day care for children under school age and after-school programmes for school children.

These investments have resulted in a high employment rate among Norwegian women.

No country can afford not to make use of all its human resources.

I assure you that Norway will continue to be a consistent partner for delivering on global commitments and seeking solutions for a common future.