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146 million available for European regional cooperation projects

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Published under: Solberg's Government

Publisher: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland have announced that NOK 146 million is now available under the EEA and Norway Grants scheme for projects promoting cross-border cooperation in Europe.

'Many of the economic and social challenges we are facing in Europe today do not respect national borders,' said Minister of Foreign Affairs Ine Eriksen Søreide.

From launch of  the fund for regional cooperation.
EEA and Norway Grants scheme: From the launch of the fund for regional cooperation. Credit: Mission of Norway to the EU

The regional cooperation fund, which was launched in Brussels today, is part of the EEA and Norway Grants. A total of EUR 34.5 million has been allocated to this fund. The funding available in the call for project proposals announced today amounts to EUR 15 million, or about NOK 146 million. The purpose of the fund is to finance regional cooperation projects within a wide range of fields.

'It is important that Norway is promoting European solidarity and cooperation through this new fund,' Ms Eriksen Søreide said.

Audun Halvorsen, State Secretary in the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, launched the fund in Brussels today.

It is possible to apply for funding for projects within any of the priority sectors under the EEA and Norway Grants, for example projects in the areas of innovation, business development, health, research, social inclusion, the environment and climate change, culture, civil society, protection of fundamental rights, migration, and the judicial system/correctional services. Funding is available for projects in all the 15 beneficiary countries in the grant scheme. In addition, funding is available for projects that involve cooperation with any of 10 non-EU countries that border on a beneficiary country.

Projects must involve cooperation between entities from at least three countries in order to be eligible for funding. Norwegian partners may be invited to participate as technical experts.

The deadline for applications is 1 July 2018. For more information, please visit the grants' website.